What is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)?

When you visit us, you will not only meet with your pet’s veterinarian, you will likely come into contact with one of our highly trained Registered Veterinary Technicians. These RVTs are a vital part of the veterinary team and, after completing specific education and technical training requirements, have passed a state board exam.

Each RVT is licensed to perform specific duties to support the veterinarian in caring for your pet. These duties include:

  • providing nursing care
  • administering vaccines
  • changing bandages
  • collecting laboratory samples
  • assisting with surgery,
  • dental procedures
  • day-to-day operation of a small animal hospital

Our RVTs are also trained and talented client educators who will ensure that you get the best possible medical advice.

The next time you visit High Valley Veterinary Hospital, be sure to meet the RVTs who will be caring for your pets!